Documentary Theatre and Media

Media, news, and advertisements fill our screens with an endless procession of our world, documented down to the smallest detail. Everything seems to be verifiable, not only in popular culture and politics, but also in one’s personal life. How do I perceive different forms of mediated content? What aesthetic decisions are involved in their making? What effect do they have on me? And how can I stage and curate content of my own – whether intentional or intuitive?

In this project, the participants split into small groups to develop artistic works that engage with the tension between staging and authenticity when using documentary sources. Each group chooses a topic, framed as a question, drawn from current events, history, and/or societal issues. They begin searching for an artistic form through which to address their questions – one that incorporates a creative use of social media. The results might include everything from a documentary Snapchat-movie to a collage of internet comments, from a dramatic play to an informative Instagram account. On their way toward a finished piece, the groups actively research, dive into the complexities of their chosen medium, and work toward merging their collected information and their aesthetic visions. In the end, the participants will present artistic pieces that consciously and cleverly combine investigative research, personal thoughts and views, and aesthetic realization.

Through the course of this project, the participants will learn and practice:

  • Conscious and critical interaction with social (and other digital) media
  • Responsible artistic interpretation of current events and sociopolitical themes
  • Recognizing and understanding their own staging methods, and those of others
  • Creative problem-solving 
  • Focusing their aesthetic eye
  • Teamwork toward a common goal

Age ranges:

  • 14-20
  • 20+

Time-spans, group sizes, and possibility for a presentation (yes/no):

  • One or two weeks, 3-12, yes
  • Once or twice a week over a longer period of time, 5-25, yes