Picture Book Adaptations

Picture books play an important role in many of our lives by throwing open the door to the world of stories. Whole worlds arise out of their pages, worlds in which we first (often subconsciously) became acquainted with recurrent archetypes and structures of storytelling. And so we laid the foundations for our imagination, our sense for telling stories, and curiosity toward the world. We want to approach these stories once again and ask, how do they impact us when we look at them today?

The participants of this project develop their own performance and theater pieces based on picture books, in which they grapple with their themes and questions from a new perspective. They analyze the stories and identify elements that have become relevant to them once again. Through this, they sharpen their eye for metaphors, story structures, and character development. In order to stage the chosen images and scenes, the participants make use of a variety of inspiractions – poems, songs, films – and theatrical devices and methods – acting, puppetry, movement, texts. They are challenged to think creatively and abstractly, and to develop and execute innovative artistic concepts. The resulting performance will most likely look a little different than the pages of these books, since, after all, so does our day to day life.

Through the course of this project, the participants will learn and practice:

  • Creative staging, directing, and acting
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Identifying archetypes and narrative structures
  • Critical, analytical, and abstract thinking
  • Self-reflection and self-expression
  • The use of traditional and experimental theatre forms
  • Empathetic engagement with multi-faceted characters

Age ranges:

  • 16-25
  • 25+ (amateurs only)

Time-spans, group sizes, and possibility for a presentation (yes/no):

  • One or two weeks, 3-10, yes
  • Once or twice a week over a longer period of time, 5-20, yes