Story Games and Improv

We tell stories on the stage in order to better understand our surroundings, and the complex connections and contexts that inform them. First, the playwright comes up with a story. Then, the director decides how the world should look. Finally, the actors give life to the characters. This is how what we know from theater. But what about if you want to be a part of all three of those steps, all at once? Improvisational theatre and story games provide us with formats, through which we can collectively fabulate, play, and tell new and exciting stories.

In this project, we guide the children and/or youth through forms of spontaneous and collaborative narrative development. They will create new worlds, dream up layered characters, and surprise themselves with unexpected twists and turns. Individual games and exercises serve to develop characters and play out small scenes. These distinct sketches build on each other successively through the course of the project. A through-line will gradually emerge to frame the overarching canon of a new fictional world with unique rules and its own aesthetic. The participants will learn the art of understanding and telling complex stories by spending time investigating these invented characters and situations with a nuanced eye. Whether we wend with a collectively developed play, a collage of vignettes, character studies, or an improv jam is something we will have to play to find out. 

Through the course of this project, the participants will learn and practice:

  • social and creative confidence
  • self-reflection and self-confidence
  • empathetic engagement with multi-faceted characters
  • creative problem-solving strategies
  • skills in acting, directing, and dramaturgy
  • interacting with narrative structures and storytelling methods
  • teamwork

Age ranges:

  • 6-12
  • 13-15
  • 16-20

Time-spans, groups sizes, and possibility for a presentation (yes/no):

  • four to six hours, 5-10, no
  • one to two weeks, 5-20, only with specific preparations
  • once or twice a week over a longer period of time, 5-20, yes