Why, how, what

Between the two of us, we share experience in theatre, movement work, and performance. We understand these forms as valuable strategies of communication, self-expression and empathy building. These concepts shape and motivate our work both as educators and as artists, and lay the foundation for our teaching methodologies as well as our artistic aesthetics. We want to make these forms of expression more accessible, and have found it particularly compelling and rewarding to explore these ideals with children and youth through creative collaboration. 

Our main goal in working with children and youth is to support them in developing and sharpening their sense for their own positioning, aesthetic ideas, and personal needs on the one hand, and for group dynamics and social relations on the other. In order to accomplish this, we want to create spaces in which power dynamics can be looked at, questions come easily, and everyone can grow both for themselves and within the group. 

In rehearsals we work with movement-based and physical exercises (oriented to the ability of the group), strategies from story games (derived from pen and paper roleplaying games), documentary materials (eg. personal stories, social media, current events), and improvisation. We want to bring these experiences and ideas with us and connect them with the specific interests of the group. 

Thematically, in both our educational and artistic works as well as our political positions, we focus primarily on questions of self-determination, equality, and anti-discrimination. We offer all of our formats in German and/or English.